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  • Become a member of the “Stony Island” Hotel Club

    The “Stony Island” Hotel Club is glad to welcome you. To enjoy all the privileges and to become a member of our club, you must create an account and get membership identification number.

  • Акция «Скидка выходного дня»

    Сеть Отелей «Стоуни Айлэнд» предлагает Вам воспользоваться привлекательным осенним предложением «Скидка выходного дня» и забронировать номер со скидкой 25%.

  • Hot offer!

    Romantic Getaway "A comfortable room for 4 hours" from 2000 rubles.

    Number of rooms is limited! Hurry!

  • Online Offer

    "Stony Island Hotel" offers 10% discount if You book through the Internet, if You make a pre-payment for the first night for two days after booking. The reservation is confirmed by the hotel only after prepayment at least for the first night.

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Visa Support Invitation

Invitations or Visa Support Documents (vouchers):

To enter the Russian Federation foreigners need a visa, which can be obtained in a Russian consulate. At the consulate you will be asked to produce an invitation (voucher). Stony Island Hotel provides this service for its clients.

It generally takes the Russian consulate 8 days to deliver a visa. We recommend you send us your details (fill in the form below) at least 15 days before your arrival in Russia so as to avoid having to pay an urgency surcharge at the consulate.

Don't forget that besides an invitation, you also need a medical insurance to obtain a visa.

Fill in form for Visa Support Documents